How to Create

Русская версия How to Create a Wish List

myWishBoard is very handy, dynamic and easy to use. To create a wish list, you just need to click “New Wish” and then fill the details of your dream in a simple form. Each news will be published on your board, and you will have the opportunity to tell your friends about each item and event.
When creating a new item and event, first of all you need to tell what exactly is it that you want to have, read, watch, learn or where to travel to. Next you can add more details in the description and insert a link if this item can be bought online.

Add Ocasions, Dates and Images

You can always indicate a certain occasion for every item. When adding something to your wishlist, don’t forget to set a date. Maybe someone will give you a gift right on this day!
It is worth noting that you can not only add links to your wishes, but also complement them with beautiful images. To do so, you need to copy the image link from the source web site and insert it in the special field when creating a new wish. Alternatively, save any image to your computer and attach it to the list-board-profile. Don’t forget that an item or event will always stand out if it has a bright illustration and a vivid description.

Integration with Social Networks

You can share your news right after adding a new event to the board of your whishes’ site. Beneath the wish image you can find social buttons that will help you share your dream with friends and relatives. The more friends know about your wish, the higher the chances of it coming true.

Your Friends’ Wishes

Do you actively add wishes to your board and share the information with your friends? Don’t forget to see their boards, too! Your friends also create new dreams and want you to know about it. This is why we created a special feed where you can see what your friends from social networks are up to. You might probably get interested in joining them on a trip or simply want to do something nice for a friend by giving him a present.
If you get interested in someone else’s news, you can discuss it in comments on the same page. Comments make the communication process quick and help wishes come true even sooner. Directly through your wishes’ journal, you can arrange to go on a trip, adjust your plans for holidays or invite a person somewhere to make him a surprise and give him something from his wish list.


We created a few sets of interesting items and events from other users. You can surf our Collections and add the items that caught your eye to your wish list.