Journal of Wishes

Русская версия Journal of Wishes

At some point, we all have wished that there was a place where we could collect all our dreams and impressions. Many have diaries and journals where we tried to keep track of our plans for the future and dreams of going on an incredible journey with a huge bunch of friends. But notes tend to get lost, our wishes dissolve in the fuss of daily life, and the plans about travelling remain being just plans. We all know how hard it is to gather many people who are free, careless and ready for adventures all at the same time.
It is even worse with presents. Of course, we know what our best friends and immediate family want to get for their birthdays. But we don’t even have a clue about the wishes of everybody else around us. However, they also have wishes and small craving that can make them happy. Wouldn’t it be great to have a service where people could tell each other about all their dreams and wishes, and the presents they would like to get! That’s what we thought, too. (ссылка на ст№1) is probably the best project ever that allows you to create your own journal of wishes. Here you can easily post anything you aim for. These can be pretty small things, long-awaited birthday presents, dreams of visiting some event or even plans to go travelling on a dreamlike island surrounded by the endless ocean... Now you can not only gather these wishes in one place, but also keep track of your progress in fulfilling them, just like in a personal journal.

How to Create a Journal of Wishes

To create your journal of wishes, just a couple of clicks is enough. Click and connect the service with one of your social network accounts. Congratulations, now you’re ready to start! You can add exciting stuff from any web sites that you would like to receive as gifts and share it all with your friends. From now on, myWishBoard is at your disposal.

Online Journal of Wishes

The main goal of myWishBoard is to help people join their interests and values and to share them with friends. We also want it to help dreams come true. This is a social project and it is mainly aimed at your activity and the aspiration to share news. You now have the instrument to organize your friends and go somewhere together or make someone a joint present. This is why we are inviting you to join myWishBoard and start your own journal of wishes and enjoy the possibilities of the modern world together with us!