Русская версия Welcome to, the web site for your dreams. Here you will get a great platform for posting your items and event of interest and the tools for sharing them with all your friends. Our wish servise allows you to frame out your own plan of dreams and wishes. Deep integration with social networks makes this process fascinating, bright and rich with communication.

A Web Site that Helps Fulfill Your Wishes

myWishBoard in a new and unique tool that allows you to quickly add new stuff to your board. While publishing wishes, you can allocate them between several categories, be it travelling to the sea on your next holiday or joining your friends to a film premiere. You can also make a dream list of things you would like to get by a certain date. Thus, you are giving your relatives and friends a hint on what present would really make you happy on your Birthday or Christmas. Any dream may be fulfilled — you just need to share it with others!
The site for fulfilling dreams is intended for those who are interested in active social communication and who often use social networks. Communicating helps is know people better and share our news and ideas with them. Here you can find what your friends and other users fancy. Their interests and goals broaden your perspective and inspire you for new achievements; they urge you to help your friends reach their goals and encourage you to set new goals for yourself. It is so easy the make someone happy when there is a single source of all the necessary information.

Organize Your Plan of Dreams

Besides finding information about your friends, you can also use myWishBoard to create your own plan and track your progress on fulfilling it. You know how great it is to see how your goals are reached one after another. Now you can manage this process through one handy interface. The service is very easy to use and stores your dream list until you fulfill them.
Go on and try using this new web site for posting your wishes!