Bethaney Tinto
3 oct

Bethaney Tinto

My name is Bethaney Michelle Tinto I'm 21 years old. A lot has changed in my life since I moved away from a small town, if you can even call is that, in Ohio. First off I changed my major to Graphic Design which I enjoy to the top most experience of my life. I volunteer at a Elementary school in the art and music department influencing kids that there is more than just art out there. I am part of the National Society of Leadership and Success for Tidewater Community College. Tidewater is a great school and is the top community college is the country. After I graduate in the Spring 2014 I plan on taking my career to the next level by joining the Academy of Art University of San Francisco's Online program to get my Bachelors and later my masters. I am currently living my life with new friends, new experiences, new challenges, water all around me, and of course the beach/ocean miles from me. Yea later I would love to move again but I also want to travel the world. Which is one reason I chose Graphic Design. If you want to see some of my work I will be posting it under my photos. Check it out.
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