Mw Hemingway
16 jan

Mw Hemingway

Hey there.

My name is Mw. A Hungarian space cat ("litra" that is...).

For further references, either check out my account [IcyWhiteCat], or contact me via skype [mw.hemingway]... i have dozens of references not uploaded as well~

Hobbies: especially drawing nowadays, however, I used to be a great musician with many talents.

Whatever comes to my mind, can make it come true. I can also lend a hand when you're down, or have no idea how to begin a plan or such. I stress deadlines and precise work. For projects, money/time-efficient solutions as well.

Anyways, I like challenges. Whether you pay me or not. I hate non-efficient time spending.

Contact me also, if you would like to know me more. I like meeting new people ^^

Thanks for reading!
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