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Draw Like Da Vinci (Masterclass)

2015-01-11 22:07:44
Before picking up a pencil themselves, most people's first experience of art is to admire the work of past masters. But how did our great artists achieve their effects? Choose their materials? Define their approach? In this innovative new art series, experienced artists use the work of some of our most famous artists as a starting point for teaching technique, methods and skill. Learn to think and draw like Da Vinci by understanding how he approached the human form, dealt with perspective, line weight, light and shade and character. Use his experience to formulate your own approach and develop your own skills and you can master the art of drawing the human figure for yourself. A fantastic resource for anyone wanting to develop their drawing skills, "Draw Like Da Vinci" passes on the secrets of artistic success in easily attainable projects.
2015-01-11 22:07:44
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