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Tornado Hunter Holiday

Tornado Hunter Holiday
2015-05-06 16:02:12
Storm chasing might seem like an activity reserved for the brave and/or foolish. In fact there are dozens of travel firms offering tours that aim to take ordinary travellers into the thick of the action.

Where to go

While some organised storm chasing takes place in Australia, it is a large swathe of the American Midwest, known as Tornado Alley, that attracts the vast majority of enthusiasts. The area includes Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, and parts of Colorado, Wyoming, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, New Mexico and South Dakota. Tornados are common in the region as it is where cold dry air from Canada and the Rockies meets warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico and hot, dry air from the Sonoran Desert. The combination causes atmospheric instability and intense weather events.

When to travel

The peak season for storm chasing in Tornado Alley is May and June, but some companies also operate tours in April, July and August.
2015-05-06 16:02:12
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