34mm-Obsidian Fingerboard Trucks - Iron Hanger and Red Baseplate

34mm-Obsidian Fingerboard Trucks - Iron Hanger and Red Baseplate

Introducing our unique truck named obsidian after more than a year of research and design.
For materials, we used the highly wear-resistant alloy, the same as the skateboard trucks.
Structurally, we refer to the truck of skateboard and improve it. Every angle of the truck hanger and the baseplate was accurately measured to ensure its operability for riders.
Externally, we referred to the bridge's structure and made a cutout in the middle of the truck. Highlights the sturdiness of the truck while ensuring aesthetics.
The screws used for Obsidian Trucks are M1.6, readily available on the market.
The truck will come with two bushings and two pivot cups. Riders can adjust the truck's elasticity by selecting bushings of different hardness.
Our Obsidian truck works with most decks on the market so that riders can use it with few restrictions.
Package contains:
-Obsidian Trucks* 1 Set
-Hardwares* 1 Pack
-Pivot Cups*2

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