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Design Your Own Christmas Birthstone Charm Necklace

2016-03-27 14:29:00
Design your own Christmas birthstone necklace. Using our exclusive and beautiful birthstone crystal charms, give a symbolic gift of great personal significance this Christmas.Colours Available
SIAM (red - January birthstone) Paitence & Loyality
AMETHYST (purple - February birthstone) Serenity & Peace
AQUAMARINE (light blue - March birthstone) Happiness & Courage
CRYSTAL (clear - April birthstone) Eternity & Love
EMERALD (green - May birthstone) Joy & Love
LIGHT AMETHYST (pale purple - JUNE birthstone) Happiness & Purity
RUBY (red - July birthstone) Strength & Beauty
PERIDOT (light green - August birthstone) Protection & Success
SAPPHIRE (blue - September birthstone) Truth & Wisdom
ROSE (pink - October birthstone) Hope & Creativity
TOPAZ (brown - November birthstone) Friendship & Strength
LIGHT SAPPHIRE (light blue - December birthstone) Trust & Luck
Charms Available
Small Star with Crystal
Large Heart Charm
Large Gemstone CharmCreate something unique and beautiful. Build up your own individual charm necklace using our dazzling and colourful birthstone charms.
We have a wide selection of gorgeous charms to design your necklace with, including: snowflakes, stars, hearts and gemstone charms - each one available in all the Swarovski crystal birthstone colours.
Birthstones have long been associated with good luck, and the wearing of your birthstone is believed to to offer protection, prosperity and good fortune.
Each bespoke necklace is made up in our studio to your custom design and comes presented on a Christmas 'birthstone meaning' gift card. We have three card designs: star, heart and snowflake
Choose a gift with meaning.
"Design Your Own Christmas Birthstone Necklace" has been exclusively designed for on
Part of the J & S Jewellery 'BIRTHSTONE CRYSTAL' range
Personalise your necklace with a star initial charmCrafted from silver/gold/rose gold plated brass.
MADE WITH SWAROVSKI ELEMENTSGift box meaures 8cm x 8cm x 1.8cm (depth)
Necklace chain measures 45cm long with a 5cm extender chain.
Charms measure approx 0.9cm to 2cm
2016-03-27 14:29:00
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