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4-US Mini Vibe Ring Blue

2017-11-16 22:16:06
Adult Toys
Powered by the award winning 7 speed RO-80mm Bullet, this unique and powerful vibrating cock ring has been designed with couples in mind. Slip on around the base of the penis to experience harder and prolonged erections. Shaped for double the fun, the vertical clitoral stimulator has been designed to deliver pure intense satisfaction to a female partner while the powerful bullet turns a man's penis into a vibrating powerhouse.
Included: N Battery, Black Satin Storage Bag
Extra Details:
Item Depth 1.37
Item Height 5.62
Item Width 2.3
Materials Body-Safe Silicone
Package Weight (LBS) 0.36
Type of Packaging Pegging or Shelving
Vibration levels 7
Country of Origin UK
Power Source Batteries

Water Resistance - Waterproof
2017-11-16 22:16:06
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