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Q&A a Day Five Year Journal | Mod Retro Vintage Desk Accessories |

2013-11-28 21:05:57
You’ll be prompted to reflect on the passage of time as you respond to the unpredictable questions that fill this petite journal! Behind the ornate typography on its classic brown cover, you’ll be asked to consider a different question for each distinct date, then revisit each revealing inquiry for the next five years. On each September 7th, write about the newest garment you’re wearing - then on every March 13th, consider what you’d do with an extra hour in your day! After you explore each insight in its own unique context and scribble a sentence or two, you’ll see that you’ve built your own tiny time capsule of 1,825 evolving and entertaining answers within this gilt-edged guide. Whether you keep it to chronicle your life or gift it to a loved one, this innovative diary will stand the test of time with its sweet and simple design.
2013-11-28 21:05:57
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