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2,200 Lumen LED Wall Light- Only 20 Watts - 8" High LED Wall Pack - 3000K

2,200 Lumen LED Wall Light- Only 20 Watts - 8" High LED Wall Pack - 3000K
2018-03-24 20:59:12
2,200 Lumen LED Wall Light - Only 20 Watts - 8" High LED Wall Pack- 3000K Warm White - 20 Year Life LED - Outdoor LED Wall Light - ETL & DLC Verifie
DLC #: RG-WP03-20WC1

Models in this series;
51-166 = 20 watt, WITH photocell, 5000K
51-167 =20 watt, NO photocell, 5000K
51-218 =20 watt, WITH photocell, 3000K
51-219 = 20 watt, NO photocell. 3000K

BRIGHT LIGHT - Independently Certified by DLC! The 20 watt was rated at 2,200 Lumens. 2,200 Lumens can replace a 100 Watt METAL HALIDE light, 40 Watt CFL or 125watt Incandescent. 3000K light color ensures a warm light.
BETTER DESIGN -New LED modules Improve Efficiency - Save even more by using a lower watt unit. Compare the lumens against others. Premium grade components make this an industrial grade LED High Bay Light. Dimensions are 8.5 inches tall by 5 inches wide
EASY INSTALLATION. Installation is easy. Unit has standard circle cutoff in the rear for easy installation. Whether you are retrofitting an old unit or doing new construction, these are easy to use and install. Wiring is Brown to Black, Blue to White and Green to Green Stripped.
BUILT TO LAST - IP65 Waterproof for all weather conditions. Housing is sealed to keep water out. Backed by a 5 year warranty.
CERTIFIED - UL Listed and DLC verified (RG-WP03-20WC1) for safety and rebate eligibility. UL Certified products ensure better quality, safety and reliability. DLC is the Design Lights Consortium for independent verification of performance.
2018-03-24 20:59:12
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