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150 Watt LED High Bay UFO Corvus Series Lights - 21,000 Lumen - DLC Premium Verified - 3.3ft cord

150 Watt LED High Bay UFO Corvus Series Lights - 21,000 Lumen - DLC Premium Verified - 3.3ft cord
2019-07-27 12:10:50
led lights
BETTER DESIGN - 150 Watt Corvus Series is powered by Epsitar 2835 LED modules producing 135 Lumens per watt - Save even more by using a lower watt unit. Premium grade components make this an industrial grade LED High Bay or Warehouse Light.
LONG CORD - 3.3 foot whip or power cord included
DIMMABLE: Series has a 1-10 volt dimmable driver. Compatible with 0-10v, PMW resistance compatible devices and switches.
SMALLER SIZE - New 'UFO style' is the latest in LED technology. Smaller, longer lasting and more efficient. Only 11 inches (290mm) in diameter, the new design is more compact without sacrificing performance. Stop replacing old Metal Halide, HID or CFL bulbs. Use the Corvus UFO High Bay LED light.
EASY INSTALLATION - 3.3ft Whip (power cord) ! included cord is 3.3ft long for easier install. Preinstalled Hook makes installation easy. Simple replacement for existing lights or for new installation. M10 threads for alternate install. Product Weight only 8.52LB for easy handling.
BRIGHT, DIRECT and BUILT TO LAST - 5000K color ensures a clear bright light. 110 Degree angle of light creates a wide even light. 100,000 LED saves having to replace bulbs- Aluminum Housing with high tech Heat Sink protects the LED Driver. Better Heat dissipation ensures longer LED life and safety. Glass lens. IP65 Waterproof for all conditions. All backed by a 5 year warranty.
UL AND DLC Rated - UL listed for safety and DLC Premium 4.4 for energy rebates. DLC stands for Design Lighting Consortium and verifies actual light performance. This 150 watt unit is verified at over 135 Lumens to watt! Use PLPB2HGZV8EM to find.
2019-07-27 12:10:50
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