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(Surati) Halim / Khichdo Masala

(Surati) Halim / Khichdo Masala
2019-09-25 12:48:36
Recipe ::-

Take 250 gms chicken/mutton and boiled it. 500 gms Lapsi Gehu put it with water. After 1 hour through water now and full packet of Halim Masala and put it boil mutton chicken and put it on slow gas 30 to 40 minute. Now in one Kadai. 50 gms oil or ghee hot it and put it in now onions small pieces and fry it in bowl. Now it is ready. Serve with fry onion, coriander and mint.

Ingredents :-

Salt, Chilli powder, Garlic turmeric powder, fresh ginger, courinder, black pepper, magajbee, cumin, bayleaves, badiyan, cinnamon, khaskhas, condamoms, lavang, javantri, cloves & makhana, testing powder.
2019-09-25 12:48:36
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