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iCleaner 120 swimming pool robot

iCleaner 120 swimming pool robot
2019-11-30 14:53:03
iCleaner 120 is a swimming pool robot produced by ICH Roboter. The iCleaner 120 Robotic pool cleaner is just one of several other pool cleaning robots from ICH and designed to change and improve the cleaning experience of your swimming pool. It is an out of the box ready-to-use machine. You only have to turn on the robot after plugging it with a power source then placing it in a swimming pool.

iCleaner 120 can clean the floor and walls of your swimming pool. It has its filtration system so you do not have to backwash or clean your swimming pool’s sand filter after each cleaning cycle. The filter bag is easy to clean and maintain.

Features of iCleaner 120 swimming pool robot
This robot comes with all the standard features that are common in robots from brands that are popularly known. Let’s take a look at them below:

Remote Control
The remote control helps you override the automatic navigation system of the robot so that you can tell it where you want it to go. With the remote, you can easily direct the robot to any spot you want to clean in your swimming pool.

This is not so much a feature at all. However, it is still very impressive a robotic pool cleaner like this from a brand like this has a caddy which many popular robots lack. The caddy gives you better maneuverability of the robot and storage option when the robot is not in use

Reduces the cost of maintenance
iCleaner 120 swimming pool robot helps you reduce how often you turn on your swimming pool’s filtration system. Since you do not have to run the filtration system, it helps reduce the workload on it. By reducing the workload of your pool’s filtration system, it also helps you save cost. It also improves the quality of your pool water since you do not have to backwash the pool’s filters.

When you do not run your pool’s filtration system every day, the pump does not wear and tear fast. Also, the electricity bills you have to pay significantly reduces.

Multiple Cleaning cycle
This is one of the most interesting things about this icleaner machine. It has three cleaning modes each with different cleaning times. The fastest cleaning cycle takes 30 minutes. There is a standard cleaning mode that takes 1 hour and an enhanced mode that takes 2 hours.
2019-11-30 14:53:03
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