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Deep Cleansing Toothbrush ™ Luxenmart

2020-06-04 14:40:27
This is a toothbrush for oral protection, with reassuring material, considerate design, exquisite workmanship, and up to 10,000 bristles. The bristles are soft and suitable for people with gingival sensitivity or children. The oral protection is very important, especially for sensitive oral cavity, so it is necessary to choose a suitable toothbrush.

The brush hair is exquisite: can go deep into the tooth gap, lock and remove oral cavity harmful substances, cleaning force is strong.
Deep Cleansing Brush Luxenmart

10000 delicate toothbrush hairs:There is no feeling at the entrance of the toothbrush hair. The pressure coefficient of cleaning software and teeth is constantly reduced.

Deep Cleansing Properties: Because of the ultra-fine bristles, it reaches comfortably in between teeth to give a thorough cleanse without hurting gums.
Deep Cleansing Brush Luxenmart

Applicable to a wide range of people: Adults with sensitive gums and children with fragile gums. Don’t let poor quality intrude on the sensitive oral health of pregnant mothers and children, and people who like soft toothbrushes.

Color: Black / White.
Material:PP + 0.15 mm of bristle.

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2020-06-04 14:40:27
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