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BTMS 50 BTMS 25 (

BTMS 50 BTMS 25 (
2020-06-16 11:56:10
BTMS 50 BTMS 25 (

btms-50 fabric softener flakes Applications
1.AS thickening agent, used in fabric softener, antistatic agent of synthetic fibers or daily chemicals.
2.AS anti-static softener, used for fiber/fabric, hair care products, such as hair conditioner, hairdressing gel, hair care
formulations, shampoo and other hair care products.
3.AS emulsifier, such as asphalt emulsifier, waterproof coating emulsifier, silicone oil emulsifier.
4.AS modifying agent, used for modified organo-bentonite clay.
5.AS flocculant, used for protein flocculation in the biopharmaceutical industry and water treatment flocculation.
6.AS anti-burning agents of nylon parachute; oil paint cosmetics additive.
7.Used not only in shampoo, bubble baths, sensitive skin preparations, child detergent or laundry detergent, but also in the
softening process of fiberglass.

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2020-06-16 11:56:10
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