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Extreme Durable Punching Drill Bits – Wall Hole Saw Drill

2020-06-25 15:05:21
Extreme Durable Punching Drill Bits – Wall Hole Saw Drill

Features: This drill bit combines the characteristics of ceramic head and electric hammer drill. It is grooved on ordinary ceramic drills, which is more conducive to ash discharge. The alloy is made of hard alloy. Moreover, it is not destructive to the porcelain wall. It can be installed in functional machines such as ordinary hand drills, charging drills, bench drills, and impact drill or flat drills. This triangular drill bit not only has the function of ordinary ceramic glass drill (for glass, porcelain drill, plastic, wood, and other openings) but also has the function of the electric hammer drill bit, opening hole in cement load-bearing wall
Package includes 1Pcs Power Tools Diamond Drill Ceramic Glass Concrete Porcelain Punch Drill DIY6/8/10/12mm Wall Hole, Saw Drill. Luxenmart’s Drill Bits are suitable for porcelain drill, concrete, gypsum board, wood, glass, PVC plastic, stainless steel, aluminum, brick, etc.
2020-06-25 15:05:21
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