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FreshLook Illuminate

2020-06-27 15:44:19
Advantages of Illuminated FreshLooks
Designed to highlight small eyes
Ideal for a natural and effective look
High hydration thanks to the high water content
Daily contact lenses to ensure comfort and practicality
Created by experts in the optical sector
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The FreshLook Illuminate are daily colored contact lenses made by Ciba Vision to highlight the beauty of small eyes. Each lens has a pigmented area that blends naturally with the natural color of the iris, creating a natural look and a more intense look and making the eye appear larger. The eyes will therefore be larger and more defined, but in a completely natural way.

Using a double-layer coloring technology, the Illuminated FreshLooks are perfect for those with small and dark eyes, and are particularly suitable for people with Asian traits. As daily produced by the leaders in the sector, these contact lenses are comfortable and hygienic at the same time. The high water content also ensures hydrated and healthy eyes throughout the day.

Technical specifications of FreshLook Illuminate
Producer: Alcon
Brand: FreshLook
Lens type: Colored contact lenses
Material: 69% water + 31% Nelfilcon A
Water content: 69%
Oxygen permeability: 26 Dk / t
Lens diameter: 13.8 mm
Base curve: 8.6 mm
Available values: from 0.00D to -8.00D
Handling tint: Yup
UVA / UVB protection: No
2020-06-27 15:44:19
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