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FreshLook One Day

FreshLook One Day
2020-06-27 15:52:18
Advantages of FreshLook One Day
They accentuate the natural color of the eye
Available in 4 different colors
Practical and comfortable daily contact lenses
Clear and crisp vision throughout the day
Lenses that retain water inside them and ensure hydration of the eye
More information on FreshLook One Day
The Expressions Colors of the CooperVision experts are monthly colored contact lenses perfect for intensifying the natural color of the iris. Thanks to the available quantity of colors it is easy to find a complementary tint to that of your eyes while enjoying a clear and sharp view.

Being able to retain liquid inside them, the Expressions Colors are comfortable to wear all day long both for those who correct a vision defect and for those who use them for cosmetic purposes. CooperVision's advanced design ensures that these lenses intensify the color of the iris naturally. You can choose between blue, gray, green and hazelnut and many other colors that make the look brighter and deeper, creating a unique effect and look.

Compatible contact lenses
As an alternative,
FreshLook Colorblends is the brand recommended by our opticians if you are looking for a colored lens with an intensifying effect.

Advanced models
For comfort and high transpiration of oxygen to the eye, we recommend Air Optix Colors

Technical specifications of Expressions Colors
Producer: Alcon
Brand: FreshLook
Guy: Colored contact lenses
Material: 55% water + 45% Methafilcon A
Water content: 55%
Oxygen permeability: 21 Dk / t
Lens diameter: 14.4 mm
Base curve: 8.7 mm
Available values: from 0.00D to -6.00D
Handling tint: No
UVA / UVB protection: No
2020-06-27 15:52:18
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