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Krono Polo Saddle

2020-10-03 13:19:47
COMFORT, FITTING, WEIGHT and FREEDOM of MOVEMENT. Here at KRONO POLO, we think these are keys to allow our horses to perform their full potential on the polo field and to not create discomfort or injuries.

This ultra-light polo saddle is an ultimate contact saddle with an innovative design making it the lightest polo saddle in the industry. Lightweight saddles have a direct effect on performance by reducing the overall mass and lowering the centre of gravity providing extended stamina and faster recovery to the pony.

The Krono Polo saddle is made with a laminated beech wood tree, with a reinforced gullet plate. This tree absorbs some of the shock from impact, protecting the horses back, and it is fitted with recessed stirrup bars. The way the Krono saddle is constructed makes it one of the lightest in the market.
2020-10-03 13:19:47
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