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Talk of the Office Heel in Oatmeal | Mod Retro Vintage Heels |

2013-12-21 18:32:08
From the conference room to the water cooler, your precious and profesh Mary Jane heels have been receiving almost as many accolades as the ace presentation you just gave. In fact, it was easy to project a cool, collected demeanor in these oatmeal-hued, round-toed heels of soft vegan faux suede. With a dotted blouse, shrunken blazer, and neat, crisp pencil skirt completing your confidence-projecting ensemble, you breezed your way through the big meeting with nary a hitch! Now, it's time to celebrate your professional - and sartorial - slam dunk at happy hour with your impressed colleagues!
2013-12-21 18:32:08
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