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Electric 2 leg Table with German Okin motor, without table top
Electric 2 leg Table with German Okin motor, without table top
27 июня 2020 г.
Electric table, sit stand desk and adjustable workstation , Adjustable height desk We introduce a height quality product, electrically driven leg table, electric desk , that has built in ability to adjust height electrically. so we can also call as height adjustable table or adjustable height desk. this height adjustable table can adjust the height of table or desk ergonomically, and electrically. Feature packed with Dual motor lift mechanism and 3 segment legs - Offers smoother height adjustments, better stabilization and low noise while running. Noise level in running mode is under 50 dBs.. Uses German Brand Okin for Motor Advanced all-in-one keypad- With three programmable presets, you can save your favorite seated, standing, and underdesk cycling heights. Your exact desk height is shown on a display that automatically goes dark to reduce power draw while the desk is stationary. The sit/stand time reminder system also helps alert you when it’s time to stand, and can be turned on or off anytime based on your work flow. High quality 2 year motor warranty . Fit top size from 120 cm to 180 cm in width and 70 cm to 80 cm in depth, weight limit: 220 lb.(100 kg) Quick and easy to assemble, just a few minutes - It’s that easy.Very sturdy frame , fair price-performance Suitable for offices, Home, Schools, Software companies, Commercial use Ideal for healthy working initiatives; to avoid musculoskeletal problems in the future Frame width Expands 108 cm ~ 160 cm Max speed with load: 31mm
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