холодильник для косметики

StylPro’s 4L Beauty Fridge is designed to chill your skincare and beauty essentials - like eye creams, sheet masks and even nail polishes - for a refreshing, cooling sensation and extended shelf life. Designed in white with sleek rose gold accents, the fridge’s interior cools contents up to 20°C below room temperature, but never below 2°C which would freeze or spoil the formulas. The plug-in box features built-in noise reduction and even offers heat settings for things like hand warmers. Equipped with a removable divider shelf and door pocket to keep items organised. Features: Cools contents up to 20°c below room temperature Low temperature protection prevents products from spoiling Chilling and heating settings Built-in noise reduction Works in both UK and EU Dimensions: H: 27.5cm x W: 19cm x D: 27cm Capacity: 4L

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