Книга Writing Without Bullshit

Книга Writing Without Bullshit

Fulfilled: May 28, 2022

Joining the ranks of classics like The Elements of Style and On Writing Well, Writing Without Bullshit helps professionals get to the point to get ahead. Its time for Writing Without Bullshit. Writing Without Bullshit is the first comprehensive guide to writing for todays world: a noisy environment where everyone reads what you write on a screen. The average news story now gets only 36 seconds of attention. Unless you change how you write, your emails, reports, and Web copy dont stand a chance. In this practical and witty book, youll learn to front-load your writing with pithy titles, subject lines, and opening sentences. Youll acquire the courage and skill to purge weak and meaningless jargon, wimpy passive voice, and cowardly weasel words. And youll get used to writing directly to the reader to make every word count. At the center of it all is the Iron Imperative: treat the readers time as more valuable than your own. Embrace that, and your customers, your boss, and your colleagues will recognize the power and boldness of your thinking. Transcend the fear that makes your writing weak. Plan and execute writing projects with confidence. Manage edits and reviews flawlessly. And master every modern format from emails and social media to reports and press releases. Stop writing to fit in. Start writing to stand out. Boost your career by writing without bullshit.

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