Meteorites Compact, Powders, Face, Makeup - Guerlain

Желание исполнено: 29 дек. 2013 г.

In a travel-friendly version, Météorites Perles beads are transformed into a pressed powder and offer their power in three monochrome shades to give a matte finish and radiance to every skin tone. The secret of this powder case: a constellation of miniscule multi-coloured radiant pearly particles with yellow, orange, green, red, violet or white reflections to recreate ideal radiance on the complexion. The fine, ultra-light and imperceptible correcting action of Météorites Compact powder delivers radiance in its purest form thanks to light itself. Nestled in an elegant powder case, this compact powder slips into the palm of your hand, the latest “it bag” or your makeup pouch.
Powdery and velvety, the complexion is perfectly matt, luminous and glowing with naturalness. Skin is silky and stays supple and comfortable all day long.

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