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Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus
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Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus
23 авг. 2020 г.
Get Office 2016 Professional Plus - Reliable applications for work and everyday life Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus Full Version - also known as Office 2016 Pro Plus - is the office suite for those who expect more. The Office Suite not only contains Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, but also offers a wide range of functions with Publisher, InfoPath and Access. You can buy Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus as a download at Direct Keys. If you buy Microsoft Office 2016 from us, we will of course also deliver on data media, which you can add to the shopping cart when you place your order. Microsoft Office Professional 2016 Plus: The most powerful word processor "Microsoft Word Word is by far the most used word processing program in the world. With good reason. The application has been part of Microsoft's repertoire for almost 40 years and has been continuously improved and optimized for just as long. The decades of work are paying off. No other word processor works as reliably, easily and quickly as Word. Share your files with colleagues, friends and family and be confident that they can be read anywhere. As part of Office 2016 Professional Plus, Word is also highly compatible with the other applications in the system. Microsoft Office Professional 2016 Plus: Excellent "Microsoft Excel" spreadsheet Whether business balance sheets, the private budget book or statistics. Excel not only helps you to keep track of your money, but is also perfectly suited to manage all other tables and figures. Office 2016 Professional Plus also makes formulas and conditional formatting easy with handy wizards and helper features. No Excel version has ever been more comfortable and at the same time more functional. Microsoft Office Professional 2016 Plus: PowerPoint The 2016 PowerPoint version included with Office 2016 Professional Plus makes your presentations even more reliable. Multimedia presentations created with PowerPoint, including video, audio and animations, can be displayed optimally on all Mac and Windows systems. Thanks to the Power Point Viewer even if there is no Power Point on the computer in question. Practical features like the presentation notes support you even beyond the creation of your slides. This way you always make a good impression. Microsoft Office Professional 2016 Plus: Business-level e-mail: Microsoft Outlook The Microsoft Outlook e-mail client included with Office 2016 Professional raises your e-mail communication to business level. Quick response functions, seamless connection to Exchange servers and above all the high-performance search function simplify collaboration with colleagues. Helpful organization functions, such as smart directories and the configurable, automatic key-wording of your mails do the rest. The perfect integration of Outlook with the other Office applications also makes document sharing and file sharing easier than ever. Your mails have probably never been so well organized. Microsoft Office Professional 2016 Plus: Publisher, Access and more Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus also has a lot to offer in other respects. With Microsoft Publisher, for example, you can easily and quickly create print templates for flyers, brochures or entire books. Professionally laid out, perfectly printable and of course exportable to digital formats. The Microsoft Access database application allows you to create even larger data sets and, above all, relational databases, which you can then access with the other Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus programs. Microsoft Office Professional 2016 Plus: Amazingly affordable The powerful Office 2016 Professional Plus full version is surprisingly affordable despite its enormous range of functions. No matter whether you need several licenses or only a single license. Especially if you buy Office 2016 Professional Plus online, you can save a lot of money. By the way, Office 2016 Professional Plus licenses are valid for a lifetime and are not subscription licenses that have to be renewed regularly (as is the case with Office 365, for example). Office 2016 Professional Plus is available for both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS, but please note when purchasing that a license valid for Windows does not also apply to the Mac OS version and vice versa. MS Office Professional Plus 2016: PowerPoint 2016 (presentation) Outlook 2016 (contact) OneNote 2016 (Notes) Publisher 2016 (layout program) InfoPath 2016 (forms) Access 2016 (database) Excel 2016 (spreadsheet) Word 2016 (word processing) System requirements for MS Office Professional Plus 2016: Computer and processor: x86/x64 processor with at least 1 GHz and SSE2 instruction set Memory: 1 GB RAM for 32-bit versions; 2 GB RAM for 64-bit versions Hard disk: 3.0 GB available hard disk space Display: Monitor with a resolution of 1,366 × 768 Operating system: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows Server 2008 R2 and .NET Framework 3.5 Graphic: Hardware acceleration requires a graphics card with DirectX 10 Note: This offer is aimed at private individuals as well as companies, business customers, authorities, organisations, schools, communities and churches. What is included? Choose between the 64-bit or 32-bit version depending on compatibility, software specifications and features provided. This item does not contain a DVD disc, USB or any media/retail box unless otherwise stated; it is a digital download only. See steps involved below: You will receive your product key and download link via email. We will provide instructions on how to install the product. Install and enter your 25-digital product key as prompted. Complete the installation and start the application. Activate the product online or through telephone activation. This Licence is for 1 PC only. You MUST activate within 72 hrs of purchase, after activation it will work for Lifetime of your system.
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