RYOT Taster Box Acrylic Dugout
RYOT Taster Box Acrylic Dugout The Taster Box by Ryot is a stylish acrylic dugout which has been specifically designed for smokers on the go. It will allow you to preserve your materials while keeping them secure and easily transportable. Acrylic Taster Box Features Durable acrylic construction Magnetic poker and lid Storage for smoking blends Fits all standard taster bats Bat not included Keep Your Herb Fresh The Taster Box will keep your tobacco blends fresh thanks to its sturdy and secure design, and can be easily stored in a pocket or handbag when not in use. Magnetic Clasp System The box is secured shut with a clever magnetic clasp that ensures that none of your tobacco will leak out and will remain fresh and protected no matter what! Convenient, Secure and Sturdy Design The Ryot acrylic taster box is equipped with a hollow recess for holding a taster bat or one-hitter dugout pipe and comes complete with a handy metal poker tool. $28.00
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