Star Delta Motor Starter MaU
1. Powder coated MS enclosure for complete corrosion resistance. 2. Rugged MaU contactors with wide voltage band (200-440V). Magnum Switchgear, Bangalore 5 3. Fitted with MaU type relay for reliable overload protection. 4. Fitted with Toroidal type preventer (current sensing) used to protect the motor against single phasing. 5. Manual reset facility after overload protection. 6. A latch on the push button can be used to keep the stop button locked, thus preventing accidental starting. 7. Input & Output connections are terminated through a terminal block [Hence no intervention is required on the circuit] 8. All connections are terminated through appropriate crimping Luggs. 9. Easy & quick mounting. 10. Ergonomic design with aesthetic looks. 11. There is a provision for using an auxiliary contact block with configuration 1NO + 1NC. 12. No screw protrusion from the panel, hence additional safety from water, dust, corrosion and electric shock.
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