The Frantzén Book
5 000 руб.

The Frantzén Book

(Due to a very high amount of orders of the book, the shipping will take a bit longer than usual) A book to take you behind the scenes of Frantzéns hedonistic gastronomy. Discover the world of Frantzén; the recipes, inspiration, thoughts and details that go into the creation of the iconic fine dining destination. As the only restaurant in Sweden awarded with three stars in Guide Michelin, Frantzén opens its door to guests from all over the world and set a table of gastronomic flavors, combining Björn Frantzén’s unique fusion of sublime Nordic and Asian ingredients with innovative culinary techniques. If shipment isn't available to your country please contact us [email protected] Details: • English • Signed exclusively by Björn Frantzén • 308 pages (Recipient is responsible for customs duties and taxes)

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