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4 июня 2020 г.
Offered by Luxenmart, this is the LED-lighted desktop aquarium with two synthetic jellyfish that provide mesmerizing ambiance just like their real counterparts. GET YOUR THE HYPNOTIC JELLYFISH AQUARIUM NOW FROM LUXENMART! The aquarium has 18 LEDs (six each of red, blue, and green) that automatically change color, causing both jellyfish to “react” by glowing yellow, purple, aquamarine, blue, and red as they float within gentle currents generated by the unit’s silent, integrated motor. Manual color selection enables one color display. Set upon a bookshelf, tabletop, or desk, the aquarium plugs via USB or 3 AA batteries; automatically turns off after four hours. You receive 2 synthetic jellyfish in each order. Easy to set up. 13 3/4″ H x 5 1/2″ Diam. (1 1/2 lbs.) Inundate YOURSELF IN THE PEACE and CALM OF THE OCEAN: Watch jellyfish swim unobtrusively, making an excellent atmosphere. Similar jellyfish developments are so sensible you will address in the event that they are genuine. The general impact of changing lights is basically hypnotizing and interesting. Incredible SENSORY STIMULATION PRODUCT: The calm development of practical similar Jellyfish in the tank with intriguing shading changing lights makes a lovely Tranquil, quiet and relieving remote ocean mood which can help lessen pressure and tension. Extraordinary for kids, grown-ups, and seniors with uncommon necessities, including dementia ADHD and mental imbalance. May improves the state of mind and prosperity. Captivating COLOR CHANGING EFFECT: Fascinating Color-evolving impacts. With a tranquil engine. The Lamp accompanies 2 pcs similar engineered Jellyfish with 18 LED lights(6pcs Red+6pcs Blue+6pcs Green); 5 shading light evolving impacts. Kindly don’t include any outer things in it just as they can make the unit breakdown. Perfect FOR HOME, OFFICE OR ANY INSTITUTION FOR PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: The Animated Jellyfish Lamp brings reproduced marine life and vivid LED lighting to any room you place it in. Incredible GIFT IDEA: Makes a brilliant present for any individual who adores ocean life or basically needs to make a one of a kind plan proclamation. Incredible for Christmas, Holiday’s, Parties, Home Offices, Bedroom or Living Rooms. Worked BY ADAPTER OR BATTERIES: Operated by UL Adapter; ( US Plug connector 100v-240v included. On the off chance that you use in some other nation you will require a connector.) Most connectors are handily found at your neighborhood general store and cost under $5. This model likewise underpins 3 AA batteries in the event that you don’t wish to connect it an outlet. Item Size: 14*5*5 Inches, Black shading base. Auto-off capacity following 4 hours
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