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What kind of homecoming dress should you choose for homecoming day?
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What kind of homecoming dress should you choose for homecoming day?
16 мар. 2020 г.
The waist thin leg is long, 16 years old high school student short A-line dress is very good, youth lively. Wear a v-neck with a large round collar, and don't touch the Peter pan collar with a small round collar. Please put on a long necklace and pretend your neck is two meters long. High heels look great when you can, not flat ballet shoes or pointy shoes. Don't take the last step of putting on a heel. It doesn't look good. The collarbone is not apparent it doesn't matter, seek the tutorial that hits a shadow, practice is good, perhaps bring a delicate collarbone chain, draw a look instead of the collarbone. The flat chest is actually very suitable for wearing deep v, not like the chest is a too bold easy village, but in consideration of the main age, if you really mind this question, you can choose a skirt with decoration in the chest. Pictured above, a nude skirt with flounces on the chest hides the flaws of a lean bust, while the skirt shows off the legs with nude pumps. White dress, v-neck long, short skirt show legs, shoes please match with the same color, models wear silver or nude white metal color can be, bold can come to a red lip and red shoes echo, white silver insurance some. Lively personality can choose a similar print. If the neck is short, we won't wear a necklace, but we can choose a beautiful pendant, not too long, just a highlight. The print dress is bright enough, so keep your shoes low, black is the safest color, or choose one color on the dress as the color of your shoes. In addition to short homecoming dress, you can also choose long styles. However, when choosing a long style, you should try to wear high heels, not because they are not high enough, but because flat shoes do not match the pomp of a long dress. The person with a thin waist hates most hum! Don't hesitate to wear a close-fitting skirt. You have a small waist. However, leggings are not recommended because they are relatively mature. For more information: short homecoming dress( https://www.shmilyprom.com/collections/short-homecoming-dresses) SHMILYPROM(https://www.shmilyprom.com/)
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